How To Deal When Your Best Friend Is Gay

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Two of her ex-husbands were jealous of his relationship with Mo’Nique, even though he was gay, says Eddie, who has been associates with the comic star since 1989, once they had been cellphone operators in Baltimore. Twenty years later, Chuck is alive and the godfather of single adoptive mom Sheila’s son, Charles.

This novel analysis offers insight into the development of friendships—each these between straight women and men, in addition to gay males and straight girls. Thus, with respect to the original query of whether or not men and women can ever “simply be pals,” the reply might hinge on whether that man is gay or straight. If he is homosexual, the friendship will develop more shortly and be facilitated by the lady’s reduced nervousness over his potential sexual curiosity, and she or he could engage more openly and intimately. If he is straight, anxiousness and concern about his sexual intentions will delay the event of a trusting and shut friendship, maybe, in some circumstances, even indefinitely. A latest examine revealed in Psychological Science has tried to reply this query by exploring the differences in how friendships develop between men and women as a function of the person’s sexual id.


My ideas on the idea, if you’ll, my two cents on why I immediately begin offended sweating once I hear people using the time period ‘Gay Best Friend’. This one is for anybody who’s having a hard time popping out of the closet. Dekho yaar… you do know, more than anybody else that your sexuality is not an acquired fad. And there’s never some extent making an attempt to shun reality.

  • I know you imply properly, and that you are genuinely in love and aching in your friend to be one thing apart from straight so that you might need an opportunity with her, however this simply isn’t okay.
  • For one thing, the truth that you have feelings for this lady makes you pretty much the last particular person on earth who can or should act the a part of an unbiased guide helping her to find out her romantic/sexual path.
  • But even if that weren’t the case, there’s also the part the place she’s distanced herself from you lately, which means that your pointed questions on her orientation have not been properly-acquired.
  • Some of my closest and most fulfilling friendships are with ladies, and I slowly began to befriend women who saw folks as complex and by no means as binaries.

Of course, this takes a level of maturity, safety, and real friendship that many individuals are not capable of in a male-female friendship. Yeah, that’s the barrier some communicative straight males experience with girls. But if they’re simple and open about themselves and can make the girl really feel that her emotions might be revered, and not pressured, straight males can develop close friendships with ladies too.

I can also be your good friend, maybe even your greatest good friend. And nonetheless, I am not and can never be your Gay Best Friend. Over the previous week, I’ve seen two main media outlets right here in Belgium share a story on ladies and their gay associate in crime, and I just wanted to write down some things off my mind.


I’m not making an attempt to be mean, simply wake you up slightly. You are suffering an enormous crush in your male finest friend.

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That’s painful however manageable—it might be much worse if he had been straight. Start calling it a crush and stop calling it “in love.” Confess your feelings towards him immediately and ask him that will help you get over it. Gay men have an arsenal of methods for channeling their fag hags’ sexual yearnings, from playing wing man at a straight bar to setting you up with straight pals.

Acceptance and, sure, love, from a guy who just isn’t thinking about us sexually however accepts our sexuality can begin to heal the abuse we have experienced from our fathers, bullying friends, and society at large. For the straight man, friendship with a gay man provides the chance to learn essential classes about masculinity, male id, sexual orientation, and diversity. Thus there is vital payoff for each events. I miss my GBM, now that we are in different countries.